[NTG-context] index "compress" option / collapsing of page numbers

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 3 11:50:13 CEST 2019

Am 03.04.19 um 11:41 schrieb Thomas A. Schmitz:
>> On 3. Apr 2019, at 10:56, Henning Hraban Ramm <texml at fiee.net> wrote:
>> Thank you – it’s not only a German habit, even if we pronounce it “folgende”, “f.” stems from Latin “folio”, and “ff.” is a duplicated abbreviation, as was usual in mediaeval Latin.
>> So, this is at least used in English, German, Norwegian and Swedish, as far as I could find. In French they seem to use “sq.” and “sqq.” (sequens).
> I’m not sure the abbreviation for “folio” has anything to do with our German “folgende”; if you have a link for this, I would like to know. And for the record: “ff.” for page ranges is now discouraged in most scholarly publications; journals and publishers now say f. for x - x+1, or exact page numbers.

it has nothing do do with "folgende", but it is often used because it 
means nearly the same.

folium = {
   de = {”f”, ”ff”},
   en = {”f”, ”ff”},
   fr = {”\,sq”,”\,sqq”},
   jp = {”シンボル”,”番号”},


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