[NTG-context] follow up

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 1 14:56:28 CEST 2019


We have worked furiously all day kicking-out extra code, and are pleased 
to present a lean-and-mean version of luatex with your favorite ConTeXt. 
Same good taste but only half the calories and a new name: luametatex 
and ConTeXt LMTX. No more Mk-whatever, no more dependencies for we can 
now stand on our own. Of course, good-old luatex and MkIV (as well as 
MkII) will continue to coexist and be maintained. However, now you will 
be able to run ConTeXt lmtx on your smart thermostat or on your 
refrigerator for the Internet of Things - the dawn of a new era!

Stay tuned,

Alan and Hans

                                           Hans Hagen | PRAGMA ADE
               Ridderstraat 27 | 8061 GH Hasselt | The Netherlands
        tel: 038 477 53 69 | www.pragma-ade.nl | www.pragma-pod.nl

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