[NTG-context] How to repeat the hyphen?

Alan Braslau braslau.list at comcast.net
Tue Mar 26 06:54:58 CET 2019

On Mon, 25 Mar 2019 22:24:34 -0700
Sam May <ag.eitilt at gmail.com> wrote:

> still using the ridiculously out-of-date 2016.05.17 because I haven't 
> gotten around to overriding the Gentoo package manager yet...

You can install the standalone Context distribution anywhere you want, in parallel with your OS package manager version. Both can very peacefully coexist. To select or use your standalone version, simply add its bin path (i.e. $CONTEXTROOT/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin) at the front of your PATH.

One strategy could be to keep a version of the standalone distribution in your project directory, even having multiple versions, one per project. This has the advantage that if one does not update the distribution it will always work with the project files, that is any future changes to Context will not affect the compiling of the project sources, for each project holds its own (frozen) version of Context.

In this case, your path can be:
export PATH=./context/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin:$PATH
so that it will select whatever is in the context subdirectory of the current directory.
(you can also use this PATH scheme adding a (soft)link in a project directory to whatever context distribution you like, or none, in which case it will fall-back on the system-installed texlive version.)


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