[NTG-context] Searching unwanted paragraph breaks

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Fri Mar 22 14:21:44 CET 2019

Hello ConTeXist.
I apologize in advance for a generic question without a minimum example.
I use a large library of linked macros when I typeset documents. In some cases, unwanted paragraph breaks are inserted during typing. Is there a way to remove this ie something like \removeunwantedparbreak (alternative of \removeunwantedspaces) or some kind of tracing that would help me to find where the error is? 
I don't have much experience with tracing and I can't find anything on the wiki.
I've been looking for her for a few hours without success. It is even possible that a paragraph break inserts some regular ConTeXt macro.
Can anyone give me a strategy?
Thanks very much.
Jaroslav Hajtmar

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