[NTG-context] sorttype option not recognized in setupbtxrendering

Romain Diss romain.diss at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 19 20:39:29 CET 2019


It seems that the 'sorttype' option is not recognized in
'\setupbtxrendering'. I tried all the different values (page 25 in
mkiv-publications.pdf) but nothing changes. The log files suggests that
the option is not read correctly. For example :

% test-biblio.tex

    \startchapter[title=First chapter]
        \input ward \cite[ward,knuth]\blank
% end

% biblio.bib
    title = "Title",
    author = "Knuth",
    publisher = "Publisher",
    year = "2019",
    title = "Title",
    author = "Ward",
    publisher = "Publisher",
    year = "2019",
% end

give the following line in the log file :
publications    > list > collecting entries using method 'global' and sort order 'default'

Thanks for the help.

Romain Diss

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