[NTG-context] Background under bibliography (like in mkiv-publications.pdf)

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Mar 18 19:15:10 CET 2019

On Mon, 18 Mar 2019, Romain Diss wrote:

> Le 13/03/2019, Aditya Mahajan a �crit
>> > Is there a simple way to split a large \startframedtext environment over
>> > multiple pages. It doesn't work out of the box and I didn't find any
>> > option make it work in the wiki nor in the documentation I read.
>> Use backgrounds or textbackgrounds.
> Thank you but I still can't achieve what I want to do whith this
> command.
> I try to make something similar to the frames in the
> "mkiv-publications.pdf" manual (page 6 or 22 for a bibliography for
> examples).
> I suppose Hans Hagen made use of metafun to do it but I encounter some
> problems with 'textbackgrounds'.
> In this minimal example, the frame doesn't appear (or if i set
> [frame=on,leftframe=off] all the frame is rendered) and the left and
> right offsets are not took into account.

textbackground uses metapost for ALL backgrounds and the default metapost 
code to draw the background (draw_multi_pars, defined in mp-abck.mkiv) 
doesn't handle individual frames. So, you have to write your own metapost 
code to draw the side bar.

Another option for simple backgrounds is to use `\definebackground` 
instead of `definetextbackground`. The background mechanism doesn't have 
too many options, but does honor leftframe and rightframe by default.


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