[NTG-context] Bibliography : wrong order of references when rendered by chapter

Romain Diss romain.diss at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 18 14:14:27 CET 2019


I try to use multiple renderings to place a bibliography list at the end
of each chapters. I use the option 'criterium=chapter' to place the
bibliography and i also use the options 'repeat=yes,method=local'
because I want each chapter to have its own bibliography with an
independant numbering (starting from 1 for each chapter).

However, it doesn't wwork as expected. When a reference that exists in a
previous chapter appears again in another one, the ordering is broken (I tried
th option 'continue=no' but I don't know what it does).

I don't know if it's very clear so here's a minimal 'non' working example (in
the second chapter, ward reference should be numbered 1 and knuth should be 2,
following the order of appearence in the bibliography list):

% mnwe.tex

    \startchapter[title=First chapter]
        \input knuth \cite[knuth]\blank

    \startchapter[title=Second chapter]
        \input ward \cite[ward,knuth]\blank
% end

% biblio.bib
    title = "Title",
    author = "Knuth",
    publisher = "Publisher",
    year = "2019",
    title = "Title",
    author = "Ward", 
    publisher = "Publisher",
    year = "2019",
% end

Thank you for your help.


Romain Diss

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