[NTG-context] Size of itemize symbols

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 08:30:59 CET 2019


the change from a while ago to get the symbols for bullet etc. from the 
text font when available
leads to where unpleasant results for a few fonts. A good example for 
this are first level items
where the symbol is too symbols in my opinion which looks even worse for 
smaller font sizes.

While I can understand the change to use the text font for the symbols I 
miss a simple way
to switch back to the math font for the symbols, e.g. \usesymbols[math].


\item First item
\item Second item
\item Third item

\sym{\m{\bullet}} First item
\sym{\m{\bullet}} Second item
\sym{\m{\bullet}} Third item


Latin Modern: \symbol[bullet] \m{\symbol[bullet]}


TeX Gyre Pagella: \symbol[bullet] \m{\symbol[bullet]}


DejaVu Serif: \symbol[bullet] \m{\symbol[bullet]}



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