[NTG-context] My own backgroundcolor in a frame

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Fri Mar 8 17:20:42 CET 2019

Am Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 03:43:20PM +0000 schrieb Ursula Hermann:
> Dear List!
> I have the following example:
> \defineframedtext
>   [prettyblock]
>   [width=10cm,
>    indenting={yes, small},
>    background=color, backgroundcolor=lightgreen,
>    foreground=color, foregroundcolor=black ,
>    offset=2mm,
>    align=flushleft]
> My problem is now:
> how can I write,  if I have an Rgb Color and I do not know the name. I have looked at the  list, but cannot  find the color.
> Can I say: background=color, backgroundcolor=rgb and put the numbers in (lets say: r=200, g=112, b=300)?
> Is that correct, or do I have to take a special way? Or do I have to define it?

I would define a color and use it:

\definecolor  [myblue]   [r=0.000, g=0.314, b=0.580]

You can use the color anywhere with "color=myblue".


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