[NTG-context] Space between initials in bibliography

Mikael P. Sundqvist mickep at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 10:19:35 CET 2019


By default there seem to be no space between initials in bibliography
(which I guess there should be?). I can get a space by adding
but I don't think that this is how the stopper is meant to be used. Do
I miss some other key that I can use to get space inbetween initials?
Minimal example below, and I attach the result without the setting
above (no space V.I. Arnol'd) and with the setting above (space V. I.


@book {arnold,
    AUTHOR = {Arnold, Vladimir I.},
     TITLE = {Ordinary differential equations},
    SERIES = {Universitext},
      NOTE = {Translated from the Russian by Roger Cooke,
              Second printing of the 1992 edition},
 PUBLISHER = {Springer-Verlag, Berlin},
      YEAR = {2006},
     PAGES = {ii+334},
      ISBN = {978-3-540-34563-3; 3-540-34563-9},
   MRCLASS = {34-01 (34Cxx 37-01 37C10)},
  MRNUMBER = {2242407},

stopper:initials={.\btxspace},%comment to show version without space
We study \cite[arnold].
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