[NTG-context] Setting tabulate table width with \textwidth inside an item group

Clyde Johnston context at couthies.com
Wed Feb 27 22:49:57 CET 2019

Dear List:


I have a tabulate table inside an indented item group and I would like to
set the width of the table to the \hbox size of the surrounding text.  If I
use \textwidth as a width parameter, the table spills into the right margin
(see attached).


What is the correct parameter to use to set the width of the table to the
width of the text in the item group?








        \input ward



            \NC Column A \NC Column B \NC \NR


            \NC 1 \NC 2 \NC \NR

            \NC 2 \NC 3 \NC \NR

            \NC 3 \NC 4 \NC \NR

            \NC 4 \NC 5 \NC \NR

            \NC 5 \NC 6 \NC \NR



        \input ward









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