[NTG-context] about the color of sidebar

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Mon Feb 25 15:14:44 CET 2019

Dear Mohammad Hossein Bateni,

> 2019. 2. 25. 오후 1:27, ntg-context-request at ntg.nl 작성:
> I have never used the sidebar mechanism, but there is a "rulecolor" option
> in setupsidebar.  Maybe that's what you're looking for.
> You can look up the commands and their options in "i-context.pdf" file.

Thank you for the reply.
I found the command “\setupsidebar”.

The following example is working well.




The reason of putting “\definecolor…” is that “[rulecolor=(.4green)]” is not working as in MetaFun, while [rulecolor=green] is working well.

Because of this, I can remove my definition of sidebar from my environment.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


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