[NTG-context] When newsizing an external figure by [width=<some pt>], what will be its height in pt and viceversa?

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Mon Feb 25 00:20:28 CET 2019

Dear Rudolf,

> 2019. 2. 24. 오후 7:17, ntg-context-request at ntg.nl 작성:
> If you convert your sp-sizes into pt-sizes (1pt = 65536sp) you will get:
> (45126287sp,31048991sp) = (688.5725pt,473.7700pt)
> What do you think, are these pt-values ok to you? In my opinion they seem to be too
> small. How are they calculated?

I know 72pt per 1 incn, but don’t know well about sp and sp to pt conversion.
I think that someone in this list will answer to you soon.

Best regards,

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