[NTG-context] em-dash ligature is converted to en-dash in the generic fontloader

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Sat Feb 23 13:50:24 CET 2019

As reported on the dev-luatex list --- is converted to an en-dash
(instead of em-dash) if there are no spaces around the ---.

We could now reproduce the problem also with the generic fontloader:
it appears only with mode=node. I'm using the files from 2019-02-14,
but the problem appeared first in the files from 2018-11-18):


dashes-these % gives dash

dashes--these % gives en-dash

dashes---these % gives en-dash WRONG

dashes --- these % gives em-dash

em-dashes---these % gives em-dash 


context is not affected, there the code works fine.  

Ulrike Fischer 

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