[NTG-context] cross references to chapters in a book

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 11:05:14 CET 2019

Robert Zydenbos schrieb am 22.02.19 um 22:13:
> Still nicer would be the following, but I do not know whether this is technically possible –
> I have the following text:
> % start of example: in chapter 4, pp. 38, I have
> \subject [wild-stuff]{Wild stuff}
> Now comes a lot of weird stuff which I want to refer to later.
>> % end of stuff in one chapter
> % in another chapter:
> As we already saw in \in{chapter}[wild-stuff], on p.~\at[wild-stuff]
> % that was in the other chapter
> % end of example
> and the result would be: “As we already saw in chapter 4, on p.~38”…
> Can such a thing be done?

Can’t you just add a reference to the chapter title and refer to it 
instead of the the subject.

When you goal is to show the value of the chapter for the current 
subject you should switch to MkIV where this can be done (although we 
have to cheat to because we have to create numbered subject’s and hide 
the counter).


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