[NTG-context] troubles with \MPinclusions (Taco Hoekwater)

Damien Thiriet damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Thu Feb 21 12:20:08 CET 2019

Thanks for your answers, I could significantly reduce my long 
timeline code.

> 1. Variable names x and y are special and cleared before
>    every graphic. This is related to the fact that “z" is 
>    defined as a shortcut for "(x,y)”. Both of these are
>    traditional. 
>    Every metapost graphic does at least this at its start:
>    save x,y;
>    currentpicture := nullpicture;
>    currentpen:=defaultpen;
>    so pair xx[]; would have worked just fine.
>    In general, I would advice to stay away from single-letter
>    variable names inside MPinclusions, and use CamelCase
>    to avoid clashes with metafun internals.

So, got one more z-related error in Metapost. I bet this is
absolutely the n.1 on help-lists. Btw, if I were a scientist, 
I'd realized that defining x as a pair is quite heretic…
And that sounds much familiar to an historian.

Damien Thiriet

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