[NTG-context] Weird TABLE split across pages

Procházka Lukáš Ing. LPr at pontex.cz
Tue Feb 19 15:59:11 CET 2019


a TABLE is split weirdly over two pages:

- on the first page (here: page 8): the (repeated) header of the TABLE and the first body row followed by void space,
- then (here: on the page 9) the remaining part of the TABLE;

- see the sample attached.

I'm not able to strip my real case more to make the example "more MINIMAL" - whatever next I delete, the problem disappears.

Image of the bad break is attached; so are the source files.

The resulting .pdf (~53 kB, bad TABLE break between page 8 and 9) is available here:


Any idea what's going wrong?

Best regards,


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