[NTG-context] markdown module vs pandoc

Gour gour at atmarama.com
Sun Feb 17 08:08:31 CET 2019

On Fri, 15 Feb 2019 12:34:33 -0500 (EST)
Aditya Mahajan <adityam at umich.edu> wrote:

> For simple documents, I use something like this (untested):

It does not work - maybe I have to install stand-alone version of ConTeXt, but
I got an idea.

> For more complicated documents (where I need both TeX and HTML
> output), I pre-process the input: 
> https://adityam.github.io/context-blog/post/markdown-with-gpp/

Thank you for the reference...some nice articles there. ;)

It looks as there is some learning ahead of me...btw, for illustrating
ConText documents and/or slide-presentation, do you recommend learning
MetaPost/MetaFun over .eg. TikZ if one wants to focus on single
(probably my learning plate is already quite full to go into something
else considering the need to learn ConTeXt itself) package?


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