[NTG-context] \symbol (ConTeXt vs. LateX)

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 15:31:47 CET 2019

Tomas Hala schrieb am 16.02.19 um 15:25:
> Hi all,
> how can I print the corresponding character if I know its ordinal value?

You can use the \tochar{...} command.


%D The \type {\tochar} commmand takes a specification:
%D \starttabulate[|l|l|l|]
%D \NC e \NC entity                   \NC e:eacute \NC \NR
%D \NC x \NC hexadecimal unicode      \NC x:013D   \NC \NR
%D \NC d \NC decimal unicode          \NC d:123    \NC \NR
%D \NC s \NC hexadecimal index (slot) \NC s:210D   \NC \NR
%D \NC i \NC decimal index            \NC i:456    \NC \NR
%D \NC n \NC name                     \NC n:eight  \NC \NR
%D \NC c \NC name                     \NC c:x      \NC \NR
%D \NC u \NC unicode descriptions     \NC u:dog    \NC \NR
%D \NC a \NC all (also descriptions)  \NC a:rewind \NC \NR
%D \stoptabulate


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