[NTG-context] Bug in math: version

Hans Γ…berg haberg-1 at telia.com
Thu Feb 14 18:08:09 CET 2019

> On 14 Feb 2019, at 16:42, Alan Braslau <braslau.list at comcast.net> wrote:
> Now, this is really interesting
> \starttext
> \textbar x\textbar
> \stoptext
> produces |x| as seen by acroread, mupdf, evince, ... on the Mac
> BUT shows | | with preview and with skim (which uses the Apple pdf rendering engine).

On MacOS 10.13.6, using ConTeXt 1.02 of TeXLive 2018 updated using the TeXLive Utility, $|x|$, $\textbar x\textbar$, $\|x\|$, $β€–xβ€–$, $||x||$ gives the output |π‘₯|, |π‘₯|, |π‘₯|, β€–π‘₯β€–, β€–π‘₯β€–, copied from the PDF in Preview.

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