[NTG-context] Macro in a macro with optional argument

Pierre-Francois Bonnefoi bonnefoi.pf at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 12:35:26 CET 2019


I try to define automatically some macros to include cliparts in my TikZ drawings and I've defined the following macro :

\expandafter\def\csname tk#1\endcsname{\dosingleempty\expandafter\csname dotk#1\endcsname}% 
\expandafter\def\csname dotk#1\endcsname[##1]{\iffirstargument\image{cisco/#1}{##1}\else\image{cisco/#1}{#2}\fi} }

\clipart{pc}{.8} % defines the macro \tkpc to include the picture "cisco/pc" 

The issue arises when I use the newly defined \tkpc : the argument is not optional and I have to put \kpc[.5] for example.
To add insult to injury, the value passed in argument is ignored also : \iffirtargument return always false...

Do you have any idea ?

Best regards,

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