[NTG-context] upcoming current

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 11 18:40:47 CET 2019


We're entering the TeXLive code freeze period. TL 2019 will ship luatex 
1.10 (currently we have 1.09 but that version number will be bumped). 
After 1.00 this more or less what stock luatex will be from now on.

In a few weeks we will post a new current. As previous years it will 
probably take a few currents before mojca/luigi push it into the tex 
live repository. Of course serious bugs (show stoppers) will be fixed 
but no functional changed wil happen. As most users normally update from 
the garden fixes will happen anyway, but it's nice to have a tl version 
that works well.

After that I will start shuffling around some lua code that can be 
better organized and as that might lead to (e.g. renaming) issues it's 
best if users keep a snapshot, although as usual fixes will be asap.

On the agenda for later this year are for instance some more font 
juggling (more for fun), new metapost modules (alan is for instance 
working on a new graph module), some bidi-layout stuff, some (interfaces 
to) low level math configuration options (needs thinking). These will 
happen in the betas but they are unlikely to interfere with regular 
functionality. If something more drastic happens I'll try not to forget 
to warn you.

We currently have mkii and mkiv, using the rsync based installer. Mkii 
is frozen for years now, and seldom needs fixes. I have a new installer 
in the working that uses http (so we can avoid rsyn port limitations 
that some organizations impose) and that one will be used to experiment 
with a mkiv only installation (it works ok at my end already, a bit 
slower initial install but a faster update).

For all this to be possible the context garden as well as the build farm 
are pretty important.


(A big thank you to all those involved in making this possible; you know 
the names!)

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