[NTG-context] CID set missing with plain fontloader

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Mon Feb 11 10:59:44 CET 2019

When I run 



with the plain fontloader (similar with luaotfload), and then check
in preflight against the pdf/A-2b or pdf/A-3b I get (beside other
not relevant complaints)

CIDset in subset font is incomplete (font contains glyphs that are
not listed)

The details say additionally (translated): "CID stream contains
*all* CID sets of the embedded font: not true"

If I run with context



I don't get the complain. What is context doing additionally here? I
don't think that it is a engine problem, I tried also with luatex
1.09.0 and 1.09.2.

Ulrike Fischer 

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