[NTG-context] about vertical alignment

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 10:54:38 CET 2019

Jeong Dal schrieb am 09.02.19 um 08:36:
> Dear all,
> I used \itemtag in \starttabulate to make columns in itemization for some reasons.
> Actually, it works fine.
> For more detailed alignment, I’d like to ask about the fine tuning of vertical alignment.
> Here is an MWS.
> %%%%%%%
> \showframe
> \starttext
> \startitemize[n]
> \item Prove the following identity.
>     \startitemize[n][stopper=)]
>     \item ${\displaystyle \int \tan^n x  \,dx=\frac{\tan^{n-1}x}{n-1}-\int \tan^{n-2}x \,dx}$ ($n>1$)
>     \item  ${\displaystyle \int \sec^n x  \,dx=\frac{\sec^{n-2}x \tan x}{n-1}+\frac{n-2}{n-1}
>     \int \sec^{n-2}x \,dx}$  $(n>1)$
>     \stopitemize
> \item Integration
>     \startitemize[n][stopper=)]


You have to set the width for the item symbol to 0pt because it’s now 
part of the table.


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