[NTG-context] Bad names

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 8 23:26:21 CET 2019

On 2/8/2019 10:22 PM, Marco Patzer wrote:

> What is a bad name for context? Does it have any consequences if badly named
> files are used? Just being curious.
Bad names are names that can result i a miss when looked up on a case 
sensitive system. When you have a workflow where images come from e.g. 
graphic designers don't be surprised to get names with inconsistent 
casing, one of more spaces in a row, multiple suffixes (or wrong ones), 
etc etc ... now when images are referred to e.g. from xml files that 
also come from someplace it can get pretty hard to find where something 
goes miss. So, here we always normalize (az09-).

In a tex tree files with the same name can lead to wrong lookups 
depending on the order of configured paths. There context alway has had 
case insensitive lookups.


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