[NTG-context] setupdirections RTL bug

Mohammad Hossein Bateni bateni at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 00:36:43 CET 2019


This is perhaps *related* to what Alan Bowen reported.  Not the same, since
I don't get compilation errors.

Here's a MWE.  See explanation of bad behavior below.




\startsetups L






\startsetups R








1. The right footer is placed over the left footer.
2. There's no problem if I replace the RTL text of right footer with an LTR
3. Left footer's text does not get proper RTL treatment.  Perhaps *this* is
the change of behavior introduced in the past year.  My guess is that RTLed
footers are moved to the other side.
4. If I use bidi=local or bidi=on in the preamble, RTL treatment is applied
to neither footer.  I can't seem to turn on RTL via setupdirections inside
the (left) footer.  How does one do that?

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