[NTG-context] About the macro path intersectionpoint path with Metapost

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Mon Feb 4 00:26:58 CET 2019

Dear Fabrice,

Metapost is great for drawiang figures  but it is not easy for me  to use it.

>  b:= fullcircle scaled 2cm shifted (0,-3cm);
>  pair A, B ;
>  A:= p intersectionpoint r ;
>  B:= p intersectionpoint r ;
>  path u ;
>  u:= A--B--cycle ;

 A and B are the same point. One of “r” should be changed to “q” or “b”.
Then you can have a line.
I also made similar errors many times too.

Btw, is there any reason to add “—cycle”?

Enjoy the drawing.

Best regards,


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