[NTG-context] About the macro path intersectionpoint path with Metapost

Fabrice Couvreur fabrice1.couvreur at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:27:35 CET 2019

I would like to reproduce the attached figure. My problem is to create the
points of intersection between the circles. It seems that my approach is
not the right one.
Thank you.

  path p, q, r, b ;
  p:= fullcircle scaled 6cm ;
  q:= fullcircle scaled 4cm shifted (2.5cm,2cm) ;
  r:= fullcircle scaled 4cm shifted (-2.5cm,2cm);
  b:= fullcircle scaled 2cm shifted (0,-3cm);
  pair A, B ;
  A:= p intersectionpoint r ;
  B:= p intersectionpoint r ;
  path u ;
  u:= A--B--cycle ;
  draw p ;
  draw q ;
  draw r ;
  draw b ;
  draw u numberstriped (.25,15,5) withcolor magenta ;
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