[NTG-context] Headings vs. enumerations

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 23:14:23 CET 2019

Clyde Johnston schrieb am 31.01.19 um 21:07:
> I have a document that contains a numbered enumeration that spans 107 
> pages – it’s a legal document where \items are clauses.  I would like 
> to put level one of the enumeration in a table of contents.
> I have read the available documentation but I am not clear whether I 
> should make level one headers, whether I can utilise the \starthead in 
> \startitemize or whether I can create a list from the level one 
> headings to create the table of contents.
> How is best to tackle this problem?

The best solution is to use real headers and drop the enumerations.

You can hide disable parts (e.g. the chapter number) of the section 
counter to get the same results as you have with your current solution.


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