[NTG-context] New logo proposal

Hans Ã…berg haberg-1 at telia.com
Wed Jan 30 23:06:15 CET 2019

> On 30 Jan 2019, at 20:57, Paul Schalck <schickele at web.de> wrote:
> as many critics go towards "I don't see any coherence" or "to me it's just a random bunch of colored letters" or "it's hard to read the word CONTEXT", some afterthoughts in that regard (difficulty, randomness).
> Personally, I like visual material that catches my attention, but does not give all away at first glance. For example a good poster or book cover. It invites me to spend time on it. And I don't have the feeling that the designer thinks I'm stupid. ConTeXt is quite sophisticated, its logo can also be a little bit more complicated than your average sportswear brand.

The E at the center might be switched with the T at center bottom. Then the lower part might be easier to read, and is in line with the original TeX logo, where the E is a lowered capital eta.

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