[NTG-context] New logo proposal

Paul Schalck schickele at web.de
Wed Jan 30 14:00:29 CET 2019


thank you all again for your reactions. A lot of interesting comments here on logo design in general and a ConTeXt logo in particular. I'm honored that the new design has found its way into the Wiki, thanks Taco!

@Lukas: I like the idea. Would be worth a try.

@Floris vM: I'm glad that my nemesis on the matter felt himself challenged to make his own proposal. While I think it's too minimalistic (only insiders know what 'CTX' stands for), I like your idea of the subscript 'T'. Your concept with the crosses reminded me of the visual identity of Amsterdam. I do not see, however, how it reflects better "typesetting beautiful readable typography". And it lacks some colors ,-)



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