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The design is new, interesting and refreshing but being a traditionalist, I can't help think that it steps a little too far away from its TeX roots.  ConTeXt is a derivation of TeX, a creation of Donald Knuth.  Here is what he said about the logo for TeX:

  "English words like 'technology' stem from a Greek root beginning with the letters τεχ...; and this same Greek word means art as well as technology.  Hence the name TeX, which is an uppercase for of τεχ."


  "... it's important to notice another thing about TeX's name: The 'E' is out of kilter. This displaced 'E' is a reminder that TeX is about typesetting, and it distinguishes TeX from other system names."

The new design loses this characteristic and therefore does not distinguish it "from other system names".  The same could be said for the unofficial logo on wiki.

Personally, I think the ConTeXt logo should maintain the link with TeX and its design principles.  After all, that is how ConTeXt derived its name and functionality.  But this is just my opinion!


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Dear ConTeXt users and developers,

I want to submit a new ConTeXt logo to you (link to GitLab project):


I made this logo in February 2018. At the time, I was planning to do some video tutorials on ConTeXt (still work in progress), and I wanted a nice looking visual clue for the thumbnails. Recently, I made a few minor tweaks and thought it would be the right time to put it out there.

The logo comes in two different layouts (hexagonal and horizontal), and each layout comes in two color variations (multicolored and blue).

The hexagonal layout is borrowed from the unofficial ConTeXt logo that has been around for some time. I like the idea of a clean geometrical form, and the hexagon reminds me of chemistry formulas -- one of the many application fields of ConTeXt.

The seven colors have mainly an esthetic purpose. They also denote the flexibility of ConTeXt. I've added a monochromatic blue version because shiny, saturated colors are not suitable for every case, and blue is strongly associated with ConTeXt to me. Blue is also a reminder of Mark IV and LuaTeX.

The letters are set in Din17 EF, which I've licensed. I like its simple shapes combined with a round and soft touch. It avoids consciously the very connoted Computer Modern and can be seen as a modernized and also Europeanized interpretation of the TeX tradition.

This logo is just a humble proposal. Perhaps it is of some use to someone. It could also make someone else want to create and share his or her logo -- that would be great.

I'm using ConTeXt since 2006/07 for almost everything that contains text: letters, presentations, invitations, résumés, certificates, manuals, reports, flyers, university papers, book typesetting, exercise sheets, song sheets, and I'm still amazed by how powerful, flexible and reliable it is. Thanks to the whole community -- and particularly to the Dutch wizard -- for making this possible!

Greetings from Leimen, Germany

Paul Schalck
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