[NTG-context] Changes \setuphead

Ursula Hermann ursula.hermann at univie.ac.at
Mon Jan 21 11:26:56 CET 2019

Hello List!

It is a long time ago, that I have written the last mail to you.
Thank you Taco so much, because for the new example of the Recent changes from 17.January 2019. Because:  Modyfying the page before a chapter is something, that  i can need. I mean this one:

% next five lines just to show the effect on this wiki
\setuppaper[nx=4, ny=2]
\setuplayout[page][location=middle, marking=on]
\setuparranging [XY]

% actual example starts here

\startsetups [chapter:before]







I have a question: how can I have a empty page before the next chapter  without a page number? Do I have to write: \page =empty. ?

Ursula Hermann

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