[NTG-context] Scaling down symbols and emojis

User 19087 se.user19087 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 09:42:19 CET 2019

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 4:44 PM User 19087 <se.user19087 at gmail.com> wrote:
> There must be some other method (at least via luatex) to
> obtain the 'x' and 'xx' sizes as workable dimensions.

I've come up with the following macro and I'd like some feedback. Will
it work consistently? Any suggestions for improvement?

% A '\start...\stopluacode' block inside a macro is just as bad (or worse?) to
% escape as '\ctxlua' code. So create a function here for use elsewhere.
% There were multiple font sizes in the "specification" and "parameters"
% tables, hopefully I picked the right one.
% It turns out that for ConTeXt there is a difference between the 10pt and
% 10.0pt sizes: the former is predefined in the body font environment that
% ships with ConTeXt while the latter causes ConTeXt to generate a new body
% font environment. Unfortunately '\the' displays values with trailing 0s, and
% so the result must be converted to a string and truncated in lua.
userdata = userdata or {}
userdata.fontsize = function ()
    local fs
    fs = font.getfont(font.current()).specification.size
    fs = tostring(fs/2^16):gsub("%.?0+$","") .. "pt"
    return fs

% In some situations the 'tx' and 'txx' sizes are ignored by ConTeXt. This
% macro determines the font size that would have been used by such a command
% and switches the entire body font to that size for the duration of the second
% argument. The chosen size depends on the 'x' and 'xx' values of the specific
% body font environment nearest in size to the current body font, though the
% font itself (via definebodyfont) may override those values.
    % Use a scratch box to prevent any typesetting. Otherwise changes to the
    % font size would be compounded: 'tfxx' remaining in effect after
    % 'switchtobodyfont'. I've also tried stop...starthiding, but that prevents
    % all processing of contents.
        % Use a global lua variable rather than globally setting a scratch
        % register.
        userdata = userdata or {}
        userdata.lastfontsize = userdata.fontsize()

Test{\tfx Test}
\tosize{\tfx Unwanted}{Test{\tfx Test}}

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