[NTG-context] Works and Doesn't Work

jdh dhenman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 08:18:36 CET 2019

Here is my small sample ConTeXt sample:  I want to be able to control the blank gap between the end of an item and the next item.  It has to be fine tuned at times.  Any advice would be appreciated.

NOTE: Two cases with inbetween attempting use use two variations of the \blank  command which
      causes 'context' run to hang.  The comment escape on them has to be removed to test them.

The rightmost column contains result comments.

Note that inbetween=\blank[.5mm]  and \blank[small] cause context to hang .
But, underbar'd command with a text string works as advertised.


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% start of contxt source


    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][packed][before=\underbar{mae-da },after=\underbar{ato-da}] % WORKS
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][symbol=5]                        % WORKS
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][left=\underbar{lefttxt}]  	    % NO EFFECT
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][right=\underbar{rhttxt}]  	    % NO EFFECT
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][inbetween=\underbar{inbetween} ] % WORKS
    %\setupitemgroup[itemize][each][     ][inbetween=\blank[small]] 	    % !!! HANGS WONT COMPILE !!!
    %\setupitemgroup[itemize][each][     ][inbetween=\blank[2mm]]	    % !!! HANGS WONT COMPILE !!!
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][beforehead=\underbar{befhead}]   % NO EFFECT      
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][afterhead=\underbar{AHEAD}]      % NO EFFECT      
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][itemalign=right]		    % NO EFFECT
    \setupitemgroup[itemize][each][      ][textdistance=3cm]      	    % NO EFFECT      
	\item \input knuth 
	\item \input knuth
	\item \input knuth

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  end of sample context source

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