[NTG-context] Scaling down symbols and emojis

User 19087 se.user19087 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 21:56:34 CET 2019

I'm having trouble scaling down symbols and emojis. For a while I assumed
these don't scale with the current font size. Then I scoured the mailing
list and realized that while scaling down seems broken, scaling up works as


\setupsymbolset[martinvogel 2]


% Progressively larger as expected.

% Unexpectedly all the same size.

% This works, but why? Isn't \small just a synonym for \tfx via
% \definealternativestyle? Anyway there is no synonym for \tfxx.

% This also works but is less than ideal when matching surrounding font
% Which factor should I use to match \tfxx?

% Same as above comment, more or less.

* MWE for builtin symbols; emojis require local fonts. I assume whichever
solution would apply equally to either.

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