[NTG-context] XML and math

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Thu Jan 10 22:26:48 CET 2019


I have an XML file (which is generated via a program that I have no 
control over), which contains elements as follows:

             <equation text="$$y_1(t) = 1, t \geq 0$$">
                <img alt="$$y_1(t) = 1, t \geq 0$$" class="equation" 
height="15px" src="Lab01_eq10401623798909303081.png" width="95px"/>

I want to typeset the `text` attribute of equation (and ignore the <img> 
tag). So, I tried:

\startxmlsetups matlab
   % Bunch of missing definitions

\startxmlsetups matlab:equation

This literally typesets `$$y_1(t) = 1, t \geq 0$$`. How can I flush the 
attribute using ctxcatcodes? (There is \xmlflushcontent, but that is for 
content and not attributes).


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