[NTG-context] Get list of all buffer names from lua

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 02:39:23 CET 2019

On 8/01/19 2:29 PM, Stanislav Sokolenko wrote:
> That's perfect, thank you! I did see the cache variable in buff-ini.lua
> but didn't realize it was being used as an upvalue in a closure. Is
> there a specific reason for using the --debug flag rather than just
> loading the debug module directly in the code? The following seems to
> work without the --debug flag but I want to make sure I'm not causing
> some sort of side effect.

Interesting... Actually it should not work, because this way you can
escape the sandboxing.  I guess Hans will fix that in the future, so you
shouldn't rely on that.

@Hans: To disable debug completely you should add
`package.loaded["debug"] = nil` somewhere.

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