[NTG-context] fontloader error in latex: attempt to call upvalue 'getdirection' (a nil value)

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Mon Jan 7 00:40:39 CET 2019

I just tried to import the fontloader from 2019-01-03 into latex,
and get on a simple document the error

attempt to call upvalue 'getdirection' (a nil value)
\newpage ...k \@nobreakfalse \everypar {}\fi \par
                                                  \ifdim \prevdepth
>\z@ \vs...

l.51 \end{document}

I have no idea (yet) if this is latex specific or if it could affect
context too but thought I better mention it. The line refers to this
part of the code:

    local nxt=getnext(start)
    local dir=getdirection(start) --<--
    if dir==lefttoright then
      return nxt,1,1

Ulrike Fischer 

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