[NTG-context] two different outputs.

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Tue Jan 1 23:28:15 CET 2019

Dear Wolfgang,

Thank you for the solution at the new year’s day.

Your sample works very well. It is what I want.

I copied it into my file and run it, then I got a strange output.
Everything is OK except outer effect text is written twice.
I don’t know what makes it write twice.
I have two more questions.
1. I’d like to put a title only in a page using the following. How to put a title as center aligned?

\title{Why, Math?}
\midaligned{\fancy Why do we learn mathematics?}
\midaligned{\tfb Institution}

2. Is there a way to remove a pagenumber from the title page?

Thank you again.
Best regards,


Here is the simplified code:


%\environment defCommon
%\environment defBook
%mtx = moduledata.matrix


%\usetypescript[HcrFont] % As set in your typescript file
%\definefontfamily [Myface] [mm][Neo Euler]

\definefont[fancy][Zapfino at 24pt]
\definefont[GreekA][MinionPro-MediumIt Regular]

%\setupbodyfont[Myface, rm, 11pt]
\setupexternalfigures[directory={./figures, ./funmath/WhyMath/whyMathSlide,}]
\setupindenting[medium, yes]

\definefont [BigFontOne] [\classfont{notosanscjkkr}{Bold} sa 4]
\definecolor [BigColorOne] [r=.86,g=.850,b=.54]

\startproduct Danggok





\setuplist[chapter, title][width=5mm, style=,textstyle={\ss\bf }]%,after={\blank[preference]}]
\setuplist[section][width=10mm, style=,textstyle=\ss,after={\blank[preference]}]

%	\component ./funmath/whyMath/whyMathH
%	\component ./Mathematics/TopicsInMath/Crypto/CryptoH
%	\component ./funmath/algorithm/algorithmH
%	\component ./funmath/Problems/squareH
%	\component ./funmath/Tiling/tilingH



> 2019. 1. 2. 오전 5:13, Wolfgang Schuster <wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com> 작성:
> Jeong Dal schrieb am 01.01.19 um 01:33:
>> Dear all,
>> First, Happy new year!
>> I tried to make a style of title as following. The first code creates the title as I wanted, but the second which uses “\title” creates the title strange. they are almost same code.
>> To include it in the list of contents, I use “\title”.
> \setuphead [title] [incrementnumber=list]
>> Is there a way to make output as the first one and include it in the list of contents?
> You have to apply your command to the deeptextcommand key.
> %%%% begin example
> % \definefontfamily [mainface] [ss] [Noto Sans CJK KR]
> %
> % \setupbodyfont [mainface]
> %
> % \definefont [BigFontOne]   [SansBold sa 4]
> \definefontfamily [notosanscjkkr] [ss] [Noto Sans CJK KR]
> %\definefont [BigFontOne] [file:notosanscjkkrbold*default sa 4]
> \definefont [BigFontOne] [\classfont{notosanscjkkr}{Bold} sa 4]
> \setupbodyfont [pagella]
> \definecolor [BigColorOne] [r=.86,g=.850,b=.54]
> \define[1]\TitlePage
>  {\rlap{\offset[x=2pt,y=2pt]{\color[blue]{\effect[outer]{#1}}}}%
>   \effect[inner]{#1}}
> \setuphead
>  [title]
>  [deeptextcommand=\TitlePage,
>   color=BigColorOne,
>   style=BigFontOne,
>   incrementnumber=list]
> \starttext
> \title{Contents}
> \placelist[chapter,title]
> \title{Title}
> \title{타이틀}
> \stoptext
> %%%% end example
> Wolfgang

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