[NTG-context] two different outputs.

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Tue Jan 1 01:33:23 CET 2019

Dear all,

First, Happy new year!

I tried to make a style of title as following. The first code creates the title as I wanted, but the second which uses “\title” creates the title strange. they are almost same code.
To include it in the list of contents, I use “\title”.
Is there a way to make output as the first one and include it in the list of contents?
Thank you for reading.
Best regards,


\definefont[BigFontOne][NotoSansCJKkr-Bold sa 4]
\definefont[BigFontTwo][NotoSansCJKkr-Bold sa 3]
\definefont[BigFontThree][NotoSansCJKkr-Bold sa 1.5]%[YoonGothicB sa 1.5]

\defineoverlay[back][{\BigFontOne \blue  \starteffect[outer]#1\stopeffect}]%
	{\kern-3pt{\BigFontOne\BigColorOne  \starteffect[inner]#1\stopeffect}}

%	 color=BigColorTwo,
%	 style=\BigFontTwo,
%	 after={\blank[2cm]}]
	] %number=yes]

	\defineoverlay[back][{\BigFontOne \blue  \starteffect[outer]Title\stopeffect}]%
	{\kern-3pt{\BigFontOne\BigColorOne  \starteffect[inner]Title\stopeffect}}


\defineoverlay[back][{\BigFontOne \blue  \starteffect[outer]타이틀\stopeffect}]%
{\kern-3pt{\BigFontOne\BigColorOne  \starteffect[inner]타이틀\stopeffect}}


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