[NTG-context] \quad confusion

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 11:13:39 CET 2018

Floris van Manen schrieb am 27.12.18 um 10:43:
> When trying to typeset, luatex kept complaining about incorrect parameters for ‘minus’.
> There is no \minus command in the source however.
> So it turns out that the combination of using \quad with ‘plus’, 'minus', and some more make the error appear.
> If i rewrite minus by {minus} the error does not show up either.
> \starttext
> \quad minuskel
> \stoptext
> Where do i go wrong?

There is nothing wrong with your example but the definition for \quad isn’t.

The \quad command uses the \hskip primitive which accepts besides the 
normal values which is inserted between the content also a variable part 
to shrink or stretch the inserted space. This variable part uses the 
“plus” and “minus” keywords (e.g. \hskip 1em minus .2em) which leads to 
the problem in your case.

One could stop TeX from parsing for the optional keywords with a 
delimiter for the \hskip command but this delimiter is missing in the 
definition for \quad. I’ll send a fix to the dev list and the problem 
should be fixed in the next beta but for the meantime you can add \relax 
after \quad (i.e. \quad\relax ...) to get rid of the error.


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