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Thanks Thomas, 
actually that was easy and I guess not very interesting. I just scanned  the very different XXth century outputs and inserted them as images.

I did some much more complicated stuff (notation generation) with a mix of technologies e.g. here, ConTeXt as a document wrapper:

https://www.academia.edu/29939998/Historia_universalis <https://www.academia.edu/29939998/Historia_universalis>



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> On 20 Dec 2018, at 21:48, Thomas A. Schmitz <thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de> wrote:
> On 12/16/18 2:45 PM, Andrea Valle wrote:
>> sorry
>> https://www.logos-verlag.de/cgi-bin/engbuchmid?isbn=4466&lng&id  <https://www.logos-verlag.de/cgi-bin/engbuchmid?isbn=4466&lng&id>
> This looks very interesting, from a typographical point of view. How did you create the music notation examples? Would it be possible to showcase a few pages that are particularly complex, on the wiki, for example?
> Thomas
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