[NTG-context] Typing Unicode subscript and superscript numbers

Hans Åberg haberg-1 at telia.com
Thu Dec 6 15:18:22 CET 2018

> On 2 Dec 2018, at 19:01, Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> This super/supscript stuff is a bit more tricky because when a superscript 2 is in the font, and a superscript 3 isn't, using a fake ^3 alongside that ^2 quite certainly will look bad because the 2 is normally of a different design that a scaled down 2, so one then has to replace them all. Then there is the question of scale and move (up/down).

This issue shows up with the STIX and STIX2 fonts, as the former has the superscript digits ¹ ² ³, but not the other which came to Unicode later in a different range.

> Although I have some experiemntal (font) magic on my computer it will probably take till next year before it will show up in a beta.

I use the code below, which seems fine, as the two fonts are close to each other. But it seems that one cannot add [force=yes] to ensure they all come from the same font as on the command \definefontfallback. This command would otherwise be good to pick replacements for certain glyphs.

\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [serif] [stixtwotext] [range={00B2-00B3,00B9,02070-0208F}]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [mono] [stixtwotext] [range={00B2-00B3,00B9,02070-0208F}]
\definefallbackfamily [mainface] [math] [stixtwomath] [range={00B2-00B3,00B9,02070-0208F}]
\definefontfamily     [mainface] [serif] [stix]
\definefontfamily     [mainface] [mono] [stix]
\definefontfamily     [mainface] [math] [stix]

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