[NTG-context] Interlinear translations in Context

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:55:04 CET 2018

Huseyin Özoguz schrieb am 03.12.18 um 20:45:
>> Probably something with your font/alignment switching. 
> Yes, probably, but this switching is necessary, look at your example: It 
> gives wrong aligning of the arabic letters (left to right instead of 
> right to left), so at some point one has to inject a \setupalign[r2l], 
> but all my tries only gave this one as a correct result:
> \define[2]\InterlinearText
>      {\setupalign[r2l]\definedfont[file:arial*arabic at 16 pt] 
> \ruby{{\setupalign[r2l]#1}}{\setupalign[l2r]\definedfont[name:arial at 
> 10pt]#2}}


   {\ruby[interlineartext]{#1}{#2} }

> But that as mentioned looses all other databse entries except the first. 
> Some hints where to make the r2l-switch with getting the same result?


or when you want to change the alignment only for a part of your document


>> There is no command which changes the order of words in a sentence
>> but this should be easy with a short Lua function. 
> Thank you, if some day one is available, I will use it. Or wil learn 
> Lua, right, should be a very basic function to implement.

You can find many Lua examples for this online.


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