[NTG-context] Completecontent has problems with chapter, in table

Huseyin Özoguz h.oezoguz at mmnetz.de
Mon Dec 3 10:13:04 CET 2018

> You should keep a copy of your current installation for your existing books.
> When you use the installation from the ConTeXt garden you can have
> multiple installations without problems.

Thank you, so thats the way to go for us. (Sorry for my late reply.)

> Where exactly should the image appear in the output?

Originally it should on the left from the chapter-title. But meanwhile 
the design changed and it appears now in the center above the title, so 
the question dissolved (but still I dont know, how to make it safely).

Huseyin Özoguz

E-Mail: h.oezoguz at mmnetz.de

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