[NTG-context] A ConTeXt Guide in Italian

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 17:40:53 CET 2018

Tommaso Gordini schrieb am 22.11.18 um 06:57:
> Thank you, Wolfgang.
> I tried to change your solution slightly (the code is pasted below).
> Is there any way to have the text of the output justified on the right 
> and on the left? I looked through the command options you used, but I 
> think I did not find anything.
You can change the alignment of the text in the table with the 
align-key, e.g. \startxrow [align=normal].
> One last question: could you have space before and after the frames? 
> Something like that
> before = ...
> after = ...

To get a blank line before and after the table you have to add \blank to 
the setups block e.g.

\startsetups [userdata:purecode]


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