[NTG-context] Footnotes and endnotes

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Sat Nov 17 13:51:34 CET 2018


I have some problems with footnotes and endnotes.

I have two kinds of footnotes:
Those by the original author and those by the translator.

I want to show the translator notes in a different way.
Right now I have the footnote in green, but the footnote marker in the text does change neither font nor color?
Shouldn’t the marker be green and bold?
Setting numberconversion works, but the other options seem to be without effect.

I want to include longer note as endnotes.
I can change the marker shown with the notes to (1) but he marker in the text does not change.
Thus you can’t distinguish between a footnote and an endnote.

I tried a footnote within a footnote, that didn’t work, should it?
(I don’t actually need this, I was just curious.)

When I define commentnote based on endnote I get the same numbering.
How can I either
- use different counters for both kind of notes or
- print both notes with the same placenotes command, in the right order?



  \setupnotation[authornote]      [style=bold]
  \setupnotation[translaternote]  [headstyle=bold, numberconversion=a, headcolor=green, style=bolditalic, color=green]
  % No color for the footnotemark?
  \setupnotation[translaterpnote] [way=bypage, numberconversion=set 2,headstyle=bold]
  \setupnotation[commentnote]     [color=red,left={(},right={)}]
  % How to style the footnotemark in the text?
  \setupnotation[endnote]     [left={(},right={)}]


\input ward\footnote{Eine normale Fußnote. Mit etwas Text, damit die Seite voll wird. \input ward}

\input ward\translaternote{Eine Fußnote des Übersetzters}
\commentnote{Mehr Informationen gibt es in den Endnoten am Ende des Kapitels.}

\input ward\translaterpnote{Alternativ kann man die Übersetzernoten auch seitenweise nummerieren.
Zur Unterscheidung von normalen Fußnoten hier mit Zeichen statt Zahlen.}

\input ward\footnote{Was ist mit Fußnoten in Fußnoten?\footnote{Das geht natürlich auch.}} % Why not?

\input ward\endnote{Eine normale Endnote, ohne spezielle Formatierung. Man kann sie nicht von einer Fußnote unterscheiden.} 

\input ward\translaterpnote{Die zweite Fußnote auf der Seite.} 







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