[NTG-context] Issues with RGB to CMYK conversion with color profiles (was: Colormanagement)

Jan U. Hasecke juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org
Wed Nov 14 16:31:58 CET 2018

Am 14.11.18 um 16:04 schrieb Peter Rolf:
> Mh, the file size of "ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc" is around 1.7MB. I
> highly doubt that ConTeXt can compress it into a 10KB PDF.
> But I'm not so sure if PDF/X-3 needs embedding (there was an exception).
> Never used it (only PDF/X-4p) and I can't remember the specifications
> (all those stuff was added over 8 years ago).
> I just assume you have installed the icc profiles properly (needs a
> manual installation!) :D

There are some profiles in the context installation.

At least something was found:

backend         > profiles > profile specification
'ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc' loaded from
backend         > profiles > omitting reference to profile for intent
'ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)'

But, yes the size is too small to have the whole profile incorporated.


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