[NTG-context] Unifraktur Maguntia features

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 17:31:42 CET 2018

Hi Willi,

To be save you should make a combination of the onum/lnum and pnum/tnum 

\definefontfamily [unifraktur] [rm] [Unifraktur Maguntia]
\definefontfamily [unifraktur] [tt] [Latin Modern Mono]

\setupbodyfont [unifraktur]

\definefontfeature [onum+pnum] [onum=yes,pnum=yes]
\definefontfeature [onum+tnum] [onum=yes,tnum=yes]
\definefontfeature [lnum+pnum] [lnum=yes,pnum=yes]
\definefontfeature [lnum+tnum] [lnum=yes,tnum=yes]


Unifraktur Maguntia

\NC default     \NC 1234                       \NC\NR
\NC onum + pnum \NC \feature[+][onum+pnum]1234 \NC\NR
\NC onum + tnum \NC \feature[+][onum+tnum]1234 \NC\NR
\NC lnum + pnum \NC \feature[+][lnum+pnum]1234 \NC\NR
\NC lnum + tnum \NC \feature[+][lnum+tnum]1234 \NC\NR



Willi Egger schrieb am 12.11.18 um 16:41:
> Hi all,
> is there somebody among the ConTeXt users, who has experience with the font UnifrakturMaguntja (http://unifraktur.sourceforge.net/maguntia.html#)?
> I tried all kind of approaches to get the font switching between lnum, tnum pnum and onum. — I come to the conclusion that I am unable to subtract and add features. I appreciate any help.
> Please refer to the appended tex file.
> Kind regards
> willi
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